What’s on Canada?
So what other things that could be the attraction of Canada?
Many people say that Canada is a hospitable place to visit. Well, it’s not a myth but it’s true!
If you happen to visit Ontario, don’t miss an amazing sightseeing Niagara Falls,
You can also travel through many ancient fortress that was used to protect the city from British Navy in an old but antique Quebec City,
and become a witness from an unbelievable view you’ll never see anywhere but in Alberta, it’s the Lake Louise.

Canada TOP Hotels
will support your holidays in Canada..

Luxury Shangri-La Hotel

A very luxurious hotel that is right to be enjoyed by tourists after discovered the great Canada.

Pan Pacific Hotel

The Pan Pacific Vancouver is perfectly situated at the magnificent Canada Place complex on Vancouver's dramatic waterfront, offering panoramic views of the city, harbour and the coastal mountains.

New Hilton Niagara Falls
Canada's tallest hotel tower, perfect for a panoramic view and romantic getaway. With a huge pool complex (on a lobby level), called The Adventure pool, with a heated indoor pool, three story water slides, indoor waterfall, spa tub, sauna, steam room, fitness, games room.

How about the cuisine?
Here some recommendations for you:

A perfect blend of European, France, and West Coast exotic tastes.

Blue Water Café
Specializes in seafood with a beautiful landscapes.

Acclaimed as Canadian Best Restaurant.

Cultures in Canada
Languages that are commonly used there are English and French (mostly in Quebec). Canadian people have some etiquette and behaviors that generally the same with many other western countries. For examples: do not eat while walking in public, use a firm handshake with good eye contact when meeting and leaving, etc.
As we mentioned before, the most common languages people use in Canada is English and French. So, many universities and colleges have English as a second language (ESL) programs or French as a second language (FSL) programs.


Sri S said...

Canada such interesting place to visit :) like it! It has so many places for tourism attractions..

Anonymous said...

Yeahh! think soo.. :) well pretty cool!

Astrid Sephira said...

foto Quebec City nya rada ngblur tuhhh. btw, u make me want to go there! hahaha

Chika and Gaby ! said...

ok, ntar kt ganti yg ga ngeblur.. wkwk..
thanks for comment..

vina :) said...

your blog made ​​me interested to go to canada :D love it! <3

Chika and Gaby ! said...

yepp, Canada emang negara turis, karena kereenn.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

i love your blog !!, so awesome :D

Chika and Gaby ! said...

Thankss :) ..

Janice said...

Hey wow your blog are so cool!! I'd love travel to canada!!!! I never thought that canada is that beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

Whatta great site! My favorite country in whole world! Thanks!

Chika and Gaby ! said...

Thanks for comment :) yeah canada is a cool country with many great places..

Chika and Gaby ! said...

thankss everyone for comments.. hehehe.. canada is cool right?! hahaha

Lili said...

Cool Canada..

Chika and Gaby ! said...

Thanks.. wait u in Canada :) :)

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