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Gabriel Susilo. I was born in Jakarta on 9 June 1995, 11 grade student in SMAK 5 BPK Penabur Jakarta. I love creating art and trying new things to know.

Jessica. I'm 16th yo. (11 grade) student in SMAK 5 BPK Penabur Jakarta. I love write imaginative story and also love to play with my bunny, Brandy. Isn't it great?

Our Impression about Participating in CESI Blog Competition:
This blog competition that organized by CESI also help us to improved our knowledge about Canada, the great country. Canada cultures, social, and education services. It's really an amazing experience! Yeah! It's our first time for participate the Blog Competition, so we learn so many new things this time. :) and we will do the best in this CESI Blog Competition.. wish us win everyone :D

"Do the Best, GOD do the rest.."


Thank you for visiting this blog. We really hope this blog will help you with anything you need.
And last, farewell is not goodbye, we’ll see you as soon as possible! Take care!

Gabriel and Jessica