Why Study in Canada?
Since 1994, Canada is determined as one of top ten best countries by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It’s known for its safety, high life expectancy (about 77 to 79 years old) and also once again, Canada has some extra points in education there.

Canada also one of few countries that allows students to work while studying for maximum 20 hours per week, and work after graduation for up to three years.
Canada offers students lower tuition fee and cost of living expenses than in other countries, example UK, US or Australia.

Are you still unsure about Canada?
“Maybe I will consider Canada as my destination, but what about the price? Isn’t it expensive to study there?”
The answer is: NO! There are many schools and universities with a brilliant quality and of course, competitive price offers.

These are the examples of the top universities in Canada:

1.     University of Toronto

2.     McGill University

3.     University of Western Ontario

4.     University of British Columbia 

5.     Queen’s University

6.     University of Alberta

7.     University of Montreal

8.     McMaster University

9.     Université de Sherbrooke

10.   University of Saskatchewan

And many more splendid universities you can find there!

Other benefits of studying in Canada is that Canada has a high life standard that you’ll find about 70% people who live in there have their own house, a friendly environment, beautiful views, facilities with sophisticated technology, etc. So you’ll never regret getting there!
The education system there is almost like in Indonesia. So children go to elementary school that includes grade 1 to grade 6, then they will have 2 years of junior high school or other places without these system, they will go through 8 grades straight. But in Quebec, after through 6 grades, they go straight to high school. High school covers grades 7 through 11, and students then go to College of General and Vocational Education (known as CEGEP) for 2 years before applying to university.
The Canadian university system is different from the European system. So in Canada, you have the possibility and flexibility to take two, 4, 5/6, or even 8 year programs.

  • Kindergarten age 4-6 years
  • Primary school age 6-12 years Grades 1-6 (in some provinces students attend primary school until the age of 13 or 14)
  • Secondary school 'junior' age 13-15 years Grades 7-9
  • Secondary school 'senior' age 16-18 years Grades 10-12 (optional)
  • Higher Education from age 18 years (college or university)
Diplomas are awarded after 2-3 years of study. Undergraduate study leads to a ‘Bachelor’s’ degree of 3 years of full-time study, 4 years for a ‘Specialized Honors’ degree.
To get a ‘Master’s’ degree, you have to go through the postgraduate study (over a two-year period in a specific subject and a ‘PhD/doctoral’ degree, the highest level of study).

Student Lifestyle
How about Canada Student Lifestyle? Is it cool or bored style? Let us see..

In Canada, most of schools there end at 1 p.m. But that doesn’t mean the students’ activities end there. Before they go home, students usually make an appointment with their teachers so that they can study online at home or anywhere outside school. And after school, students usually drop by their favorite café with their friends so that they can chill out while doing their homework or assignments. Most of cafés provide Wi-Fi facility so that they can study together via online with their teachers. That’s why many cafés in Canada often full with students at a certain time. Pretty cool, huh?

Besides studying, the extra activities that most of schools in Canada offer are skiing, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. With these extra activities, the students are expected to study in a very well condition, and rarely exposed to stress.


Scholarships are available in some institutes for International students with an outstanding achievements and results. But usually, these universities don’t award scholarships to international students for undergraduate study, but postgraduate study. Unfortunately, most of colleges, school boards, or most of private schools do not award scholarships.
To get a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) scholarship, candidates must apply through their own country's Ministry of Education, at least one year in advance.

And for you who are planning a study trip in less than six (6) months, a visitor visa is required.

Life cost in Canada:

(in Canadian Funds)

Language Course
(one month) $1,157

Homestay Accommodation
(two weeks) $802

Residential Accommodation
(two weeks) $498

Secondary School Tuition Fees
(one year) $12,000 - $30,000

Undergraduate Tuition Fees
(one year) $11,000 - $18,000

Postgraduate Tuition Fees
(one year) $1,896 -$18,000
* English language exams available: Toefl, Toeic, Cambridge

Rent - Bachelor Apartment
(one room apartment, one month, large city) $700 - $1,100

Rent - Bachelor Apartment
(one room apartment, one month, small city/town) $500 - $700

Utilities (one month) $20 - $30

Phone (one month not including long distance) $20 - $40

Cell Phone Package (one month) $40

Cable Television (one month) $25 - $50

Internet Connection (high speed, one month) $40

Groceries for One Person (one month) $200 - $300

One Dozen Eggs $2 - $3

Bag of Rice (2 kg) $2 - $6

Bus Fare One Way (local) $2.25

Local Telephone Call $0.25

Fast Food Meal (hamburger, soft drink, fries) $4 - $6

Per person Average Restaurant Meal $10 - $25

Per person Coffee from Specialty Coffee Shop $1.70

Admission to Nightclub $0 - $15

Gas/Petrol $1.15 - $1.50per liter

Movie $11.50 - $13

Pair of Jeans $40 - $80

Pair of Running Shoes $60 - $200 

 All in Canadian Funds. To convert in other currency, you can find the converter here.

CESI as the Best Education Consultant

Q: “Now I’m very interested to go to Canada! But I’m still confused how, and I want some detail information.”
A: Easy! Canadian Education Services International (CESI)

is trusted as a professional academic provider. They provide experts to help in services for many students who try to pursue their dreams to study abroad, especially in Canada.
CESI also has interesting and profitable program offers, benefits both in price and quality. CESI is a very fine choice for you or your children to find a college and university in Canada. Also, CESI is qualified to give a specific information, the advantages and disadvantages of universities which the students are interested in, instructions about universities which are compatible or experienced in a certain career, and of course can give a guaranteed reputation in that sector of career. And the best part is CESI has connection with many top universities in Canada.

So what’re you waiting for? If you could get the best, then why choose other? With CESI, you can get the best of the best services you can get than in any other place!
For more information, you can go to the official website of CESI.

and you can also contact CESI on Facebook and Twitter..


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Study Abroad in Canada

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